Founding Fellow

 ​Cathy Lanteri, MD, FAPA, CPDC

Coaching FAQ's

What is coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative, results-oriented process to  tap into new energy and purpose, guiding you to increased skills and confidence.  It works by equipping you with tools, knowledge, and self confidence to develop yourself in ways that enhance your effectiveness and enjoyment in work and in life.

How does coaching work?

Coaches know the best answers come from within yourself. To help you find those, Cathy listens with years of expertise in understanding human motivation and behavior. She will ask questions to help you clarify your core values and desires. Sometimes coaching asks you to re-evaluating assumptions that may block you from considering additional possibilities. Cathy's clients note that her perspective, insight, and clarity help them articulate their vision and define the steps to fulfill it. Her warm, nonjudgmental style, coupled with recognition of her clients' many strengths facilitates trust and allows coaching to be fun and energizing.

What is the coaching relationship?

Coaches fill many roles: confidante, mentor, advisor, advocate.  At it's heart, coaching is an intimate, professional relationship that is built on trust and the ability to focus together on assumptions about your work and life with an openness to entertain new possibilities. Then, use that information to plan and achieve your goals. With Cathy, you will have a partner who will focus solely on maximizing your strengths, accomplishments, and satisfaction.  

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