Founding Fellow

 ​Cathy Lanteri, MD, FAPA, CPDC

Lanteri Coaching 

Executive Coaching for Physicians and Healthcare Leaders

SJ is a 53 year old nationally recognized scientific leader who  had not advanced professionally as she expected. Peer reviews showed she had a tendency to dominate meetings and alienate peers by stifling input from others.  SJ prided herself on good relationships and was surprised to hear this. In thinking about the feedback, SJ could see the communication style she thought was showing leadership was actually limiting her effectiveness.

She used coaching to broaden awareness of her impact on others, gain new skills to address the needs of staff and colleagues as well as heightened team effectiveness. These changes led to her promotion.

JM is a 35 year old hospital leader whose institution depended on his knowledge and skill to roll out a critical initiative. His insensitivity to others and caustic style led the institution to consider terminating him.  Through coaching he acquired skills to listen, seek input, and lead teams in problem solving. Using these skills, he gained praise for his interactions during successfully implementing the system wide change. 

AB is a 32 year old surgeon who was feeling burned out.  He focused on high productivity to create financial stability for his family, but his work schedule left him isolated and worn out.  He was impatient with his staff and irritable with his patients.

AB stepped back to look at the balance in his life and found he was overlooking time for relaxation and hobbies. He remembered the great pleasure he found in music. He gave this up several years ago when building his practice.  AB realized how much he missed the enjoyment music brought him. He changed his work schedule to allow time to resume creating music.  His new clarity about what was important in his life also helped him identify a chronic stress in his practice.  It was caused by an employee who repeatedly challenged his authority. He spoke with the employee, setting clear expectations for her behavior. When she continued to undermine him, she was terminated.  He now enjoys surgery, working with his staff, and looks forward to playing his music and spending time with his family.